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Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VSTi the most widespread audio plugin architecture.

Introducing Reason 4
9-01-2012, 09:58
Today's digital audio programs continue to grown and expand both in feature sets and complexity, and Reason, in particular, offers literally limitless possibilities for creating and sequencing digital audio. In this book you'll learn everything you n
Choosing and Using Audio and Music Software
9-01-2012, 09:58
Choosing and Using Audio and Music Software: A guide to the major software applications for Mac and PC

This comprehensive reference features all the major audio software: SONAR XL; Cubase SX; Logic Audio Platinum; Digital Performer; Nuendo
Audio Sampling: A Practical Guide
9-01-2012, 09:58
ringing sampling to a new generation of audio engineers and composers Audio Sampling explains how to record and create sampled instruments in a software setting. There are many things that go into creating a sampled instrument and many things that ca
Audio Postproduction for Film and Video (NEW 2009)
9-01-2012, 09:58
New to this edition:
* Learn how many Hollywood techniques--previously impractical on video--can help solve problems on smaller productions
* Expanded cookbook recipes section
* Technically updated throughout
Make your soundtracks
the Art of Teaching Music
9-01-2012, 09:58
"The Art of Teaching Music" takes up important aspects of the art of music teaching ranging from organization to serving as conductor to dealing with the disconnect between the ideal of university teaching and the reality in the classroom. Writing fo
Acoustics of Wood
9-01-2012, 09:58
The book 'Acoustics of Wood' is devoted to those aspects related to the development of acoustic methods as an effective means for examining physical properties of wood through an interdisciplinary approach. The main parts of the book are: environment
Applications Of Digital Signal Processing To Audio And Acoustics
9-01-2012, 09:58
Today, the main applications of audio DSP are high quality audio coding and the digital generation and manipulation of music signals. They share common research topics including perceptual measurement techniques and analysis/synthesis methods. Additi
Lick Library Learn Guitar Techniques Rockabilly
9-01-2012, 09:58
Learn rockabilly licks and killer techniques with Steve Trovato.

Learn Guitar Techniques is an excellent two hour instructional DVD that will teach you some of the guitar techniques that influenced rockabilly guitarists worldwide. If youre looking to take your playing to the next level, this superb DVD from the Lick Library series will provide you with an arsenal of rockabilly licks that you can incorporate into your own soloing repertoire.
Acoustics and Hearing
9-01-2012, 09:58
Acoustics and Hearing
by Peter Damaske
Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (31 mars,2008)
Language: English

When one listens to music at home, one would like to have an acoustic impression close to that
Loudspeakers For Music Recording and Reproduction
9-01-2012, 09:58
Loudspeakers For Music Recording and Reproduction
Philip Newell and Keith Holland
Focal Press

Self explanatory I guess... there was no description.
Lick Library Learn To Play Classic Rock Guitar Solos Vol 1
9-01-2012, 09:58
Hope this post is good 4 you guys. This is quality new release that I like alot.

This superb three-hour-long DVD shows guitarists how to play each of these solos just like the original. The DVD is hosted and taught by Lick Lib
Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar PDF/OGG
9-01-2012, 09:58
Audio Engineering: Know It All Volume 1 eBook
9-01-2012, 09:58
The Game Producers Handbook
9-01-2012, 09:58
(Chapter 10 Excellence in Soundtracks and Sound Effects)
Get a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to succeed in the game industry with this unique guide written specifically for producers. This book serves as an ideal reference for s
Production Mixing Mastering with Waves
9-01-2012, 09:57
Master the signal process techniques and learn the tricks for professional production in contemporary musical styles, including: R&B, Rock, Country, Alternative and Urban. This book offers a complete interactive training course featuring a 7 CD set o
Guitar Fingerboard Harmony
9-01-2012, 09:57
Ed McGuire "Guitar Fingerboard Harmony"
Mel Bay Publications | ASIN: B000FLFMU2 | 113 pages | PDF | 16,9 MB
The Popular Music Teaching Handbook
9-01-2012, 09:57
The Popular Music Teaching Handbook: An Educator's Guide to Music-Related Print Resources
Libraries Unlimited | 2004 | ISBN: 1591580390 | Pages: 384 | PDF | 1.59 MB
The Disney Fake Book: 2nd Edition
9-01-2012, 09:57
This sensational second edition has been updated with music from all of the Disney hits of the last five years, such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan and Toy Story I and II. Features melody lines, lyrics and chord symbols for m
The Routledge Guide to Music Technology
9-01-2012, 09:57
The world of music technology has exploded over the last decades, thanks to introductions of new formats (MP3, RealAudio), hardware (Apple's iPod, DVD, CD-ROM), and software (computer file sharing). Now musicians can create their own audio files and
Musicology: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides)
9-01-2012, 09:57
Product Description
Musicology: The Key Concepts provides a handy reference guide for students of contemporary musicology. Its clear and accessible entries cover a comprehensive range of terms including:

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